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Code of Ethics

Altair Chemical is an Esseco Group company. In order to standardise the procedures and guide principles governing its activities, it decided to adopt the Code of Ethics of the group, this being an industrial holding company with the resources and expertise to coordinate and manage the development of its investee companies. The group is entirely dedicated to the creation, production and marketing of chemical products used in various industrial sectors. All of the Group’s activities must be carried out, in compliance with the law, within a framework of fair competition with honesty, integrity, fairness and good faith, respecting the legitimate interests of customers, employees, associates, business and financial partners and the communities in which the Group has a presence with its activities.

All those who work in the Group, without distinction or exception, are committed to observing and ensuring compliance with these principles within the scope of their functions and responsibilities. In no way may the belief that one is acting for the benefit of the Group justify the adoption of a conduct in contrast to these principles.

This Code must be observed by the Company’s employees, who must fulfill the general duties of loyalty, correctness, execution of the employment contract in good faith, must refrain from carrying out competing activities, respect the company rules and comply with the precepts of the Code, compliance with which is also required within the meaning of and for the purposes of Article 2104 of the civil code.

Each employee is required to be familiar with the Code, to actively contribute to its implementation and to report any shortcomings.

The Supervisory Body of the Company is assigned the functions of guarantor of the Code of Ethics (“Guarantor”) in collaboration with the control activities of the Group.

The Code is brought to the attention of all those with whom the Group has business relationships. This code is inspired by an ideal of collaboration with third parties with a view to the mutual benefit of the parties, always respecting their respective roles.

The role of Guarantor of the Code of Ethics and supervision of Model 231 is assigned to Altair Chemical‘s Supervisory Board. In order to facilitate the sending of reports, the Supervisory Body has set up the following communication channels:

Via Moie Vecchie 13 56048 – Saline di Volterra (PI)


1. “Art. 2104: Diligence of the employee – The employee shall use the diligence required by the nature of the work to be performed, the interest of the enterprise and the higher interest of national production. He must also observe the instructions for the performance and discipline of the work allocated by the employer and the collaborators of the same on whom he is hierarchically dependent.”

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