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Employee welfare

Altair Chemical recognises that corporate training is a key element in the professional development of employees and, in general, in the growth of all our businesses. For this reason, employees are involved in many training sessions, so as to give them the tools and skills necessary to achieve their objectives.

Health and safety, environmental legislation and protection of human rights: an average of 23 hours of training were provided per employee.

Altair Chemical has always based its relationship with workers on fully valuing them and respecting their diversity: no discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, state of health, ethnicity, nationality, political opinions and religious beliefs is tolerated.

Relations with the local area

Altair Chemical strongly believes that strong and collaborative relationships with authorities and stakeholders are essential to establishing a lasting bond of transparency and mutual trust.

In 2022, projects and sponsorships were launched for various social, cultural and sports activities and for the development of the economic and social fabric of the local communities with which Altair Chemical interacts.

Specifically, Altair Chemical donated about 105,000 euros to research and prevention organisations for the fight against cancer, to local sports associations, for scholarships for the Industrial Technical Institute of Pomarance in the province of Pisa, and in sponsorship for the summer events of the municipality of Saline di Volterra as part of the city’s nomination as Tuscan Capital of Culture 2022. The company also financed a summer school at the University of Pisa named ‘Cardiolung: Updates in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Pathophysiology’.

In 2022 Altair Chemical welcomed students from the Chemical Engineering course at the University of Pisa to visit the Saline di Volterra plant and demonstrated to them the chemical processes underlying their work.

In the case of the Pieve Vergonte site, Altair Chemical organised various meetings geared towards the community: for example, the ‘Open Door Factory’ day, where visitors were given access to the site to promote corporate culture and promote real-life awareness of Altair Chemical.

Saline Stadium

Starting in 2019, Altair Chemical has been supporting the complex process of building a new stadium in Saline di Volterra with no less than EUR 1.6 million in order to give the local community a sports and community centre, especially for young people.

Canteen at Pieve Vergonte

Renovation of the company canteen at the Pieve Vergonte plant to allow students and the entire community to access and use it for special events.

Health and Safety at work

For years, Altair Chemical has been implementing an in-house health and safety management system certified by the UNI ISO 45001: 2018 standard, which provides for alignment with the Consolidated Act on Health and Safety at work of Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 and the Implementation of Directive 2012/18/EU on the monitoring of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances of Legislative Decree no. 105/2015, also known as the Seveso directive.

In accordance with these regulations, a Prevention and Protection Service (SPP) has been set up in each of the plants: a group of people, systems and external or internal resources dedicated to preventing and protecting workers from occupational hazards.

In the Saline di Volterra plant, involving work lasting two years, more than 50 tonnes of asbestos-cement sheets were removed and disposed of, with a total of 3,350 square metres of roofing to be covered with photovoltaic panels, bringing the total power, with the systems already installed, to more than 600 kW.

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