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The sustainability of Altair Chemical‘s activities depends on ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

The numerous product and management certifications obtained over the years are proof and recognition of the work done in this regard.

To this end, Altair Chemical has adopted a procurement procedure that defines the criteria, responsibilities and operating methods for managing the stages of the supplier evaluation, qualification and monitoring process, and ensures the quality and safety of the products and services provided over time. The procedure applies to suppliers of: raw materials, finished products, packaging materials and materials critical to the manufacturing process; services critical to the quality and/or food safety of products; outsourced activities such as transport.

Altair Chemical offers the security of the National Collective Bargaining Agreement (CCNL) for Chemical and Chemical-Pharmaceutical Industry employees to all employees, grading them in accordance with the law. In addition, it supports subsidised access to private health insurance provided by FASCHIM and FASI and to the FONCHIM supplementary pension fund. For managers, Altair Chemical offers life insurance and a occupational and non-occupational policy to protect against injury.

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