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Altair Chemical considers responsibility to be key management aspects of its business for environmental protection, safety and the prevention of major accidents, and compliance with the quality requirements of its services and products. In addition to these aspects, the use and management of energy (all types used) is also a strategic tool for achieving its corporate objectives.

Altair Chemical aims to integrate management systems implemented over time (Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, Food and Animal Feed Product Management System, Energy Management System, Safety Management System) in order to enhance their effectiveness and optimise the use of resources.

In addition to this, it promotes among its employees and those who work on its behalf a sense of responsibility towards the environment, understood as awareness of the ‘damages’ or ‘benefits’ in environmental terms that may result from the work processes and products manufactured.

Our plants in Pieve Vergonte and Saline di Volterra are subject to the obligations of Legislative Decree 105/2015, and must compulsorily implement a Safety Management System for the Prevention of Major Accidents (SGS-PIR), in accordance with the guidelines for implementation set out in the annex to the aforementioned decree.

Download the “Major Accident Prevention Policy”.

Altair Chemical is a company of Esseco Industrial, a division of the Esseco Group. In order to standardize the values and guiding principles that govern its activities, it has decided to adopt the Division’s Corporate Policy to pursue continuous improvement in its performance.

Download the “Corporate Policy


The acronym ISO stands for “International Organization for Standardization”. ISO 9001, in particular, is the reference standard for those who want to subject their production process to cyclic quality control, starting with the definition of customers’ requirements, expressed or otherwise, and concluding with the monitoring of the entire production pathway/process. (*)

It certifies our goal to improve quality and meet customers’ needs through the creation of a Quality Management System.

Saline di Volterra site certification

Pieve Vergonte site certification

ISO 45001 ”Occupational health and safety management systems – Requirements with guidance for use” is an international standard that specifies the requirements for an occupational health and safety management system (OH&S) and provides guidance for its use, in order to enable organisations to provide safe and healthy workplaces by preventing occupational accidents and health problems and proactively improving OSH.

Saline di Volterra site certification

The acronym REACH stands for “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals”. The main aim of this regulation is to improve knowledge of the hazards and risks of chemicals while maintaining and strengthening the competitiveness and innovative capabilities of the European chemical industry. (*)

It guarantees the protection of human health and the environment.

Saline di Volterra site certification

Altair Chemical has also attained the Legality Rating, with a score of two stars, from the Competition and Market Authority (Italian abbreviation AGCM), a summary indicator of companies compliance with high standards of legality.



ISO 14001 identifies a standard that sets out the requirements for an ”Environmental Management System” (EMS) in any organisation and has as one of its aims the establishment, implementation and improvement of such a management system. ISO 14001 certification demonstrates that the certified organisation has an adequate management system to control the environmental impacts of its activities and systematically seeks their improvement in a consistent, effective and above all sustainable manner. (*)

It certifies our focus on environmental management systems and our work every day to minimise the impact the company has on the environment.

Saline di Volterra site certification

ISO 50001 specifies the requirements for creating, establishing, maintaining and improving an energy management system. The objective of such a system is to enable an organisation to pursue, with a systematic approach, the continuous improvement of its energy performance by including energy efficiency as well as energy consumption and use. (*)

It certifies our commitment to the appropriate and efficient use of energy resources, whether conventional or from renewable sources.

Saline di Volterra site certification

The rigorousness of our environmental management processes is also evidenced by the fact that the Saline di Volterra site first obtained EMAS Registration in 2012 (Reg. Ce 1221/09).

This tool was created by the European Union and it is possible to join it voluntarily in order to assess and improve one’s environmental performance, as well as to provide stakeholders with information on one’s environmental management also by means of a dedicated declaration.

These systems, which have evolved and matured over the years, are strengthened by the presence of specific procedures and instructions that comply with the regulations of Legislative Decree 105/2015 – Seveso as our production activities fall into the category at risk of a major accident.

All information concerning the Environmental Statement (EMAS) can be requested from the Management Systems & HACCP Manager, Chiara Ghelardini, via e-mail:

Saline di Volterra site certification

Altair Chemical has adhered to the sustainability rating since 2019 and has been awarded the EcoVadis gold medal since 2021.

Companies assessed by EcoVadis enter a virtuous system of sharing and monitoring their environmental performance, enabling their customers and suppliers to choose business partners who are aware of their impact on the planet and on people. Being among the top 5% of companies evaluated by EcoVadis is a source of pride; as a symbolic gesture, they have planted a tree in Altair Chemical’s name through their partnership with One Tree Planted.

Saline di Volterra site certification

OPEN-ES is a systemic initiative that brings together the industrial, financial and institutional worlds to involve and support, through a digital platform, all companies on their journey to measure and improve on the dimensions of sustainability.

A common and non-competitive growth process based on four fundamental pillars of sustainability for the present and the future: attention to the planet, attention to people, economic prosperity and corporate governance principles.

Saline di Volterra site certification

Responsible Care® is the Program with which the chemical industry pursues sustainability objectives, through the continuous improvement of performance and the involvement and active participation of stakeholders.

Saline di Volterra site certification

The companies of the Tuscan Chemical Sector, in their path of development and economic growth, pursue a strategy to generate wealth and, at the same time, also to ensure a balance between competitiveness, environmental sustainability and social responsibility, as crucial elements of success and essential prerequisites for the establishment of a true corporate culture.

Altair Chemical has always considered sustainability one of the pillars of local development.

Saline di Volterra site certification

Altair Chemical has embarked on a path towards an increasingly sustainable chemicals industry that can truly play a leading role in a real energy transition, in a sector so complex that it can be defined as hard-to-abate.

Projects in the pipeline and green investments continue every year with the ultimate goal of increasing the share of self-produced energy, improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse emissions.

Achievements and future goals are outlined in Altair Chemical’s Sustainability Report.

Saline di Volterra site certification

Food & Feed Certification

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are a set of rules, procedures and guidelines that concern the ways in which medicines, foods and all pharmacologically active substances are produced, controlled in laboratories and distributed, with the aim of ensuring that they are suitable for their intended use.

In particular, the “GMP+ Feed Certification scheme” sets standards to ensure feed safety in all components of the feed chain, standards that include various components such as requirements for a food safety management system, for the application of HACCP principles, through to traceability and monitoring programmes, the supply chain approach and the early warning system. (*)

This certifies our commitment not only to producing food additives for the feed industry according to strict procedures, but also with regard to their storage, transport, documentation and the working environment and workers involved.

Saline di Volterra site certification

The FSSC 22000 standard (‘Food Safety System Certification scheme’ 22000) is a voluntary food safety certification system based on the ISO 22000 standard and addresses in particular the food, feed and packaging production sector with the aim of achieving integrated food safety and hygiene systems at supply chain level. The standard is based on the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). (*)

It certifies that the company has a robust Food Safety Management System that monitors and reduces hazards in this area.

Anyone can easily check the validity of the certificate and its contents using the QR code on the certificate or via the website:

Saline di Volterra site certification

The Food and Drug Administration is the US government agency that regulates a large number of products intended for human and animal use and consumption. FDA Registration is mandatory for all companies that produce, process, package or store drugs, foods, food supplements and additives, feed and veterinary medicines, cosmetics and many other types of products. The control tools include both pre-market assessments and post-marketing monitoring. (*)

It certifies the company’s compliance with the US Agency’s strict approval criteria.

The Hebrew word “kasher” or “kosher” means “compliant with the law”, “permitted”: Kosher products are mainly used by observant Jews but also by Muslims and people suffering from lactose intolerance. Kosher certification allows companies – which produce raw materials or finished products for human consumption – to guarantee that their products are suitable for consumption and comply with Kosher dietary laws. Kosher certification is also considered a guarantee that there is no risk of cross-contamination. (*)

It certifies how our production premises, processes and food products satisfy the requirements of the Jewish dietary regime.

Saline di Volterra site certification

Pieve Vergonte certificate

“Halal” is an Arabic term meaning “lawful”, “permitted”. The “Halal” certification is intended to certify that products from the agri-food, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical, body care and health care sectors, industrial processes, processing procedures, including packaging certification, comply with the ethical and health and hygiene standards of Islamic law and doctrine. (*)
It certifies how our products comply with the standards of Muslim law.

For more information on our certification click here.

Saline di Volterra certification

Pieve Vergonte certification

(*) Source: Wikipedia.

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