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Saline di Volterra

Since 2014, Altair Chemical has participated in regional and national R&D tenders, collaborating with universities, the National Research Council (CNR) and specialist advisors. As a result of this engagement, many advances have been made in innovation and significant funding has been obtained.

– With the first project, called Green impact capacity, Altair Chemical took part in the Regione Toscana’s RSI – POR FESR 2014-2020 tender for an R&D activity aimed at expanding the production capacity of the Saline di Volterra site by 50 per cent. Specifically, the research focused on a new line of caustic potash electrolysis and a new ferric chloride production process for water purification, the production of chloroparaffins, the implementation of a new line of hydrochloric acid synthesis, the experimental use of ultrasound for accelerating reaction kinetics, and the advanced automation of plant logistics and safety.

Green field peas is the second subsidised finance project submitted under the RSI tender – POR FESR 2014-2020. Under this plan, Altair Chemical has launched an extensive R&D operation to make production processes more energy efficient and transform green fields into plants generating for solid potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide in line with Industry 4.0 standards, and pilot plants producing epichlorohydrin and potassium sulphate.

– With Enterprise, which is also part of the POR FESR 2014-2020 programme, Altair Chemical has been involved in several areas: the development of new eco-friendly and low carbon footprint organic chlorinates; the invention of an innovative photochlorination by continuous reaction; the creation of pharmaceutical grade potassium chloride; the re-use and reduction of water drawdown from the Cecina River aquifer in accordance with the principles of circular economy; and the in-house development of a smart app for the digital conversion of information exchanged between departments.

E.C.C.E. Chlorine is – in chronological order – the fourth and last project that Altair Chemical participated in within the R&D Major Projects Programme (ICT – Digital Agenda and Sustainable Industry). In this case, R&D activity focused on: an industrial-scale caustic potash flake production plant; systems for reducing the carbon footprint aimed at the valorisation of carbon dioxide for the efficient production of solid potassium carbonate; a process for generating iron chloride in accordance with the precepts of the circular economy; innovative solutions for the photochlorination of organic compounds; and the ennobling of the wastewater treatment plant.

Pieve Vergonte

Based in Pieve Vergonte, Altair Chemical has launched RE-BORN: Relaunch Electrolysis-Building Optimised Rumianca New Site project that aims to:

– Study new processes and seek new technological plant solutions with reduced environmental impact and high sustainability for the industrial production of chlorine alkali;

– Develop innovative procedures for the production of chlor-alkali and related technologies;

– Devising and structuring alternative production in the field of aromatic compounds.

Started in 2019, the project obtained funding of 11.7 million euros from the Ministry of Economic Development and ended in 2022.

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