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From 22 to 24 April, the first quarterly meeting of 2024 for Esseco Industrial took place in Parma (Italy).

Managers and directors from the company’s various global divisions discussed the closing figures of the previous year and prospects for the early months of the new year.

The session was opened by Engineer Roberto Vagheggi, General Manager of Esseco Industrial and CEO of the Chlor-Alkali Division.

Two and a half years after the start of the creation of the Industrial Division within Esseco Group, Vagheggi reviewed the most significant milestones and achievements such as the integration of Zolfindustria into Esseco, the merger of the companies in Pieve Vergonte (VB) and Saline di Volterra (PI) – both in Italy – and the creation of Altair Chemical, the separation from Enartis, the development of a new IT platform, the new ESG vision, and changes in many senior roles across the group’s companies, all aimed to creating a new structure focused on the growth of the Industrial Division, transforming a group of people into a cohesive team with a shared vision.

The new organization’s first “mission” is an investment strategy with a clear ESG vision and a new marketing approach.

The financial data highlighted figures that, although lower than the first quarter of the previous year, are higher than the 2024 budget estimates, despite the negative European contingency. Italy recorded the best performances, as well as good results in Norway, Brazil, and the UK.

The meeting also introduced a new commercial organization that will benefit from a new IT tool and above all of a vision that points to the optimization and expansion of the Division with the creation of the “Line of Business Manager”, able to connect the top management and the Country Managers in various territories.

The new approach was also evident from the commitments in terms of ESG, illustrated in the sustainability reports of the Italian companies of the Industrial Division, and from the setup of the upcoming Esseco Industrial website that will lead to a unique product catalogue.

The gathering featured the afternoon “round tables”, with significant team-building work, to analyze and address as a team some of the future strategic choices of Esseco Industrial. From investment projects for the production of new products oriented towards a chemistry of transition, to the assessment of new market opportunities for some products, to opportunities to expand the renewable energy portfolio, as well as logistics methods capable of reducing logistics costs and increasing sustainability.

In conclusion, the analysis showed a market scenario similar to 2008 or 2020, characterized by weak demand. This does not slow down Esseco Industrial’s innovation path, which accelerates on the energy transition and aims to improve performance and outcomes over the next three years, through the spread of good practices among the companies of the Division and the support of grants and facilitated finance.

The new approach that is increasingly taking shape can count on the strong support of shareholders, aware of the challenges related to the growth of the Industrial Division.

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