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The two years of operational work leading to the total removal of asbestos roofing from Altair Chemical‘s Saline di Volterra plant has just been successfully completed.

More than 50 tonnes of asbestos-cement sheets were disposed of, with a total of 3,350 square metres of canopies that will now be covered with photovoltaic panels, bringing the total power – together with the installations already in place – to more than 600 kW.

Although the materials are intact and undamaged, the company strongly wished to remove all traces of asbestos in order to definitively decontaminate the production site to further protect the 106 workers employed at the Tuscan plant.

“This operation is an integral part of our company’s safety policy aimed at guaranteeing, through targeted investments,” says Roberto Vagheggi, General Manager of Esseco Industrial and CEO of the Chlor-Alkali Division, ”both the maintenance of a zero level of occupational illnesses and the goal of zero accidents. We are constantly striving to improve the Saline di Volterra plant in all its aspects in order to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and collaborators and, in turn, for the community that hosts us.”

Altair Chemical continues with seriousness and conviction to invest in 360° ESG projects, taking care of the health and safety not only of its workers, but working to actively contribute to the well-being of all citizens who live in the area surrounding the various plants.

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