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Altair - potassa caustica scaglie

Obtained through the electrolytic process, it is available as solution from 45% to 50% and in solid form at 92% purity flakes. Altair Chemical also produces KOH food grade, KOH “food plus” grade with chlorate levels below 5 ppm, KOH pharmaceutical grade, KOH feed grade and KOH technical grade.

The fields of application go from correcting food acidity to animal feed, from the production of liquid soaps, silicates, fertilizers, alkaline batteries to the preparation of organic potassium salts. It is also used for gas treatment and in refinery processes, in the production of biodiesel and in fermentation processes.

In food products, potassium or potassium hydroxide acts as a food thickener, pH control agent and food stabilizer. The FDA considers the product risk-free if managed under conditions of good manufacturing practice (GMP). It is also known by the food additive number E525. Potassium hydroxide is also used in agriculture, to formulate mixtures of fertilizers with potassium intake, and in the electronics industry, for the production of semiconductor chips.

Potassium hydroxide Solid 92% - Food additive E525

Potassium hydroxide Solid 92%

Potassium hydroxide Solution - Plus Grade

Potassium hydroxide Solution 45% - Food additive E525

Potassium hydroxide Solution 48% - Food additive E525

Potassium hydroxide Solution 50% - Food additive E525

Potassium hydroxide Solution 32,5%

Potassium hydroxide Solution 35%

Potassium hydroxide Solution 45%

Potassium hydroxide Solution 48%

Potassium hydroxide Solution 49%

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